Forget – Chemin 2014 Brut Special Club Champagne


Forget – Chemin 2014 Brut Special Club Champagne

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Varietal: Sparkling
Vintage: 2014
Blend: 50% Meunier, 50% Chardonnay
Orgin: France
Wine Maker: Thierry Forget

We would like to introduce to you Forget – Chemin, a Special Club Champagne producer from Ludes, Champagne. Forget – Chemin is one of the first producers to be welcomed into the Club Trésors of 26 select producers. With four generations to their name, making some of the best champagnes, it is exciting to announce Forget – Chemin is making its debut to the US wine market. Cellar Collections is proud to be one of the ONLY wine shops in the United States to supply this exclusive and very special champagne for you.

Wine Maker and Proprietor : Thierry Forget

For over 4 generations, the family has grown and produced a full range of champagnes. Following in the footsteps of Eugène, Paul, and Edmond, Thierry Forget is currently the Head of the Champagne house. He is a certified Oenologue, having graduated in 1988 from the Faculté of Oenology at Reims University.

House location: Ludes, Montagne de Reims; 14 hectares, established 1888

Special Club, 1er Cru, Brut, Ludes 2014

Blend: 50% Meunier, 50% Chardonnay

This champagne always carries its vintage well. It is typically a softer, warmer, more measured style, and makes one anxious for another glass. Always clean and open, it can be consumed when purchased, but it will benefit from at least 3 to 5 more years of aging. It is perfect for kicking off any meal, but it will also go well with a light appetizer. Seafood especially, such as crab soup, crawfish, or some boiled oysters. Nothing with too much spice however! To get the most out of the Special Club, serve it in a classic champagne flute at a lower temperature between 8°-10° C or 46°-50° F.


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